Sizing Chart

At Logique Boutique

Shopping online shouldn't mean having to take a gamble on fit! That's why we provide measurements for the size of every garment we carry!

How do I know if an item will fit me? 

Every garment sold is specifically measured for bust, waist, and hip fit. These dimensions are provided in the "Measurements" section of each product page. Dimensions given are in inches and taken flat across the garment. The listed measurements do not include any stretch the item might have, nor do they correspond directly with the item's circumference. While it may seem unconventional to provide each item's specific measurements, it's actually the most accurate way for you to determine fit while shopping online. To best assess your fit, choose a garment that you already own and that fits you well. Lay this item flat and measure across the front. Then, compare your measurement with your desired garment's "Measurements" chart. Please note that measuring your body directly may provide misleading measurements.

Outerwear Ease Of Fit And Comfort

When looking to purchase outerwear, we recommend that you allow for at least one inch of ease at the bust. For example, if the flat measurement across the bust of a well-fitting top is 17 inches, you should order a coat with a flat bust measurement of at least 18 inches. The extra inch will allow room for seam thickness, as well as ease of movement. As always, the best method of ensuring proper fit is to measure a garment that already fits you well. Ideally, the garment will be similar in thickness and shape to the piece you are interested in purchasing. You may realize you prefer no ease at all - or two inches instead of one - it all depends on your particular style!

Rating System

To ensure your comfort and warmth, we've instituted a winter coat rating system to determine each of our coat's cozy qualities. Outerwear is rated on the following guidelines, with 1 being the most lightweight and 5 being the heaviest.


Shoes Size Chart

 U.S.A. Europe Inches
5 35 8 11/16
5.5 35.5 8 13/16
6 36 9
6.5 37 9 5/16
7 37.5 9 1/2
7.5 38 9 11/16
8 38.5 9 13/16
8.5 39 10
9 40 10 3/16
10 41 10 5/16


10 1/2

*Measure from toe to heel.

The above size guide is only for your reference, measurements are approximate, not guaranteed to be 100% accurate all the time. There are no measurements for lingerie, costume, and swimwear.


Apparel Size Chart



To determine an accurate bust measurement, lay your measuring tool flat across the garment's front, just under the arms.



Measure the widest part of a skirt or pants, below the waistband, to determine fit. When measuring a skirt, it's best to use a garment that is fitted and not free-flowing.


The inseam is a measurement for pants that refers to the length from the crotch to the bottom of the pant leg.


To obtain the length of a top or dress, measure from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the garment. For pants and skirts, this is the measurement from the waist to the bottom hem.


Our measurement chart provides the garment's natural waist dimension - this is the thinnest part of your mid-section. For a dress' waist measurement, find the thinnest part of the garment (the waistband) and measure it. For pants or a skirt, measure the top of the garment to ascertain its waist.


Winter Coat Rating


 Material Lining Sleeve Body
Lightweight Unlined Any sleeve length Any body length

Specifics: This jacket is more "fashion" than "function". This category includes unlined, "hoodie-like" jackets.


 Material Lining Sleeve Body
Lightweight Lined Any sleeve length Any body length 

 Specifics: This category includes light jackets suitable for spring and summer, as well as pieces used for layering.


 Material Lining Sleeve Body
Mid-weight to heavy-weight Fully or partially lined Cropped sleeves or full length Full or cropped lengths 

Specifics: Items in this category are deemed suitable for fall and mild winters.


 Material Lining Sleeve Body
Mid-weight to heavy-weight Fully lined Full length No cropped styles

Specifics: This item is suitable for fall and winter, but may require layering for colder winters.


 Material Lining Sleeve Body
Heavy-weight Fully lined Full length No cropped styles

Specifics: This category includes our warmest styles suitable for winter in cold regions.